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Food bank

The foodbank has been running since November 2015.


Advocacy Clinic

Open every Wednesday.

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Welfare Cafe

Every Tuesday:

relaxed environment to engaging in conversation

Support Call

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We target a broad variety of people in need, including (but not exclusive to):

-Settled and excluded BAME & CEE individuals

- Those with long term sickness and disabilities

 -Individuals born outside the UK or children of immigrants and migrant workers.  

-People who do not know their rights, or do not know how to handle certain welfare   problems e.g. debt or housing

-Individuals with poor English skills (literacy/ESOL)

-Individuals who suffer with low mental health , personality disorders, facing food poverty   and destitution. 

During The Welfare Café drop in centre operations we managed to deliver positive impact on lives of our many vulnerable clients...

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Come and Visit

Free, Weekly drop-in service

Welfare Need
Intervention / Support Provided
- Homeless / without shelter
* Streetlink Referral
* Supporting clients to access Crisis Skylight
* Supporting clients to make a homelessness application
* Advocating with hospital discharge teams
* Advocating with local council
- Housing problems e.g. problem with landlords/repairs/high rent
* Advocacy and negotiation with landlord
* Referral to legal service
* Support to seek alternative housing
- Seeking EUSS immigration application
* Information on the scheme
* Support to gather documentation
* Access and support to use EU Exit app
- Without a GP
* Information on local GPs
* Support to apply to GP practice
* Advocacy to progress registration
* COVID information
- Problems accessing GP appointments/prescriptions
* Advocacy/translation for ESOL speakers
* Access to phone and email
- Help with Universal Credit
* Digital access
* Tech support with application
* Ongoing advocacy and troubleshooting
* Help understanding requirements/conditions
* Uploading information incl. identity documents
- Help with Personal Independence Payment
* Information
* Application
* Support with first stage appeals
* Support with HMCTS Tribunals
* Support with Upper Tribunals
- Help getting a bank account
* Online application
* Advocacy
* Tech support and Digital access
- Employment and consumer problems
* Support to contact Union/legal advice
* Support with online
* Tech support and digital access
- Debt
* Information on rights and processes
* Advocacy and negotiation
* Support to complete budget forms
* Listening support to reassure and motivate
- Food poverty
* Access to our hot meal service
* Access to in house foodbank
* Referral to external foodbanks
* Information on Brent and Acton foodbanks
* Income maximisation assessment
- Clothes and household poverty
* Referral to providers/local welfare assistance
* Provision of good quality used
* Purchase of new items in urgent cases


Destiny Outreach Project 



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