DHI's Community Outreach Programme

Our Work:

Destiny Outreach provides relevant practical services to help local people in need, in crisis and in hardship.

Since our Cafe opened in October 2021 over one hundred individuals have accessed and engaged with our team, receiving sociall support, advocacy,  hot food, refreshments and a listening ear. We aim to be a safe place for people in crisis, and those isolated and disadvantaged by circumstances.

Our Team:

Currently our dedicated team comprises 2 staff and eight volunteers, with diverse giftings and experience.

As a community project we are founded and energised by our Chrisitan faithcHRISTIAN FAITH  , yet open and welcoming to all.

Our Clients:

Among our current regular clients are muslims, Hindus, agnostics and people of no faith, mand noother faiths, as well as people with diverse heritage, including Jewish, Irish, West Indian, African, Polish, Latvian, uKRAINIAN, gUJERATI iNDIANS, tAMIL, 

We are fully accessible for wheelchair users, with lift access,.

Our target group are 18 years and over, Brent residents, or homeless in Brent, and we number man ESOL speakers among our regular clientele.\


have many always endeavor to work with ESOL speakerspeople who are ESOL speakers where possible bRENT, service is 18 years and overand s, disabled 


iNDIAN, aFRICAN, pOLISH, and es, s, hINDUS, In our client clietele, we serve cDestiny Outreach is baseda

hristian faith

, who share common values of Most importanlt we his shoe string budget, provided genruAnMPACT OF OUROur oUR SERVICuwE AIM TO BE A SA from time to tim a ourwe have seen bntkoUTREACH Yt oUTREACH CIMPRISES S, we are running a range of services for people in our community, as detailed below.

The impact of our work is recorded and you can read some of our success stories on this website. pleaae put below

Presently we run our service over two days on a small budget provided by DHI and without whom the servvcie would not exist.

Our welfare cafe on Tuesdays on 

Our Impact:

- Over this last year, our cafe has seen over 100 individuals, with an average of 35 attendees on a weekly basis .

- We have served over 1000 freshly cooked meals at our cafe.

- We have served over 900 freshly cooked hot meals to homeless and vulnerable street users of Harlesden.

- Income maximisation:-

18 successful PIP applications, including 1st and 2nd place appeals

18 Universal Credit applications

5 GP new registrations 

Mulitply ongoinf GP advacay and digitl support

11 Housing iss ues resolved - repairs

4 sucesssful EUSS 

12 Debt Information and Support

How you can help?

Street Outreach

Mondays 2pm-3pm

  • Hot meals and warm conversations

  • at Harlesden Plaza Car Park

Welfare Cafe

Tuesday 11:30am-2:30pm

  • Snacks and meals, welfare advocacy, social support and pastoral care on request

Welfare Clinic

By appointment only



Destiny Outreach Project 

Our Clients