DHI was launched in 2010 by Simon and Genetha Jean-Marie. Since the early days, we have launched various community projects, many aimed at the local youth. This Brent-based charity is located in an area with high rates of crime and gang violence. Our youth work makes a significant difference here by encouraging young people to think positively about themselves and their peers.

DHI focuses on one of Brent’s most deprived regions, St. Raphael’s Estate.  We have a music school, a football club, a Community Choir, and a Homework Club, which now has an average attendance of 35 students and after nearly 8 years is still seeing steady growth.

From a local community centre we've launched programmes such as Community Zumba classes and charity fundraisers, and even run a food bank in partnership with the Salvations Army.

One of our past projects, The Reading Room, received recognition from Mayor Parvez Ahmed and was even featured in three local papers (The Voice, The Kilburn Times, and a Ghanaian newspaper.)

Our most recent endeavours include a school-building project in Sierra Leone and a free local community cafe. 

We are bold in our efforts to invest in new programmes and fund-raising opportunities. 

Simon Jean-Marie's priority is connection. His heart is to develop relationships with those whom he creates projects with. 

We welcome you to find a home with us. Whether you're coming with an ambition to create a ministry to impact the community, or if you're simply searching for a place to create friendships, we would love to have you drop in and give us a little visit.


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