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DHI Food Bank 

The FoodBank has been up and running since November 2015. Our goal is to support those going hungry within our community by supplying them with the basics to live on.

How does it work?
We started off simply running a weekly distribution centre on Thursday afternoons at the church. Following the success of the programme, the FoodBank has since teamed up with Salvation Army in Harlesden (Manor Park Road, London NW10) and running the same service in conjunction with the work already taking place there.

How can I support?
We are always looking for people to volunteer their time and organisations to get involved, whether it is donating non-perishable food items, clothes, raising funds, or providing helpers.


How do I get involved?

Please contact the church office at: 020 8903 9553
Email at:
Or simply turn up at the Salvation Army in Harlesden on a Tuesday afternoon.


Every helping hand or donation is appreciated by us, but more importantly, by those that need it.

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